At Sonder Public Relations, we understand that everyone’s story is different. Because we all come from diverse backgrounds, certain images and words do not resonate the same with everyone.

As a company, it’s critical that you take steps to tailor messaging to multicultural audiences. Here are just a few reasons why multicultural marketing is important:

  • Consumers need to see people who look like them in your brand. Without multicultural representation, you will not grow brand affinity and loyalty with a large consumer group.
  • Multicultural consumers account for $3.4 trillion in collective buying power and comprise 38 percent of the U.S. population. If you don’t focus on multicultural engagement, you’re leaving a large market untapped.
  • Not recognizing multicultural sensitivities in your advertising and messaging could lead to damaging missteps that could forever tarnish your brand reputation.

Sonder Public Relations has the knowledge, experience and access to consultants to help clients understand cultural nuances.

So, whether you’re wanting to market to multicultural customers or communicate your diversity and inclusion efforts, we can develop authentic messaging that reaches and resonates with audiences.

Multicultural Marketing Services