When a crisis strikes, the impact it has on a brand’s reputation can be mitigated with effective crisis communication planning and strong public relations messaging. 

Managing a crisis in today’s digital environment has more challenges than in years past. A few customer tweets or Facebook comments can lead to the media reporting and posting an online “breaking news” story within an hour. News now comes from various sources and spreads rapidly amongst stakeholders. That’s why it’s imperative companies focus on strategies to immediately respond.

Sonder Public Relations has successfully managed crises of varying levels across numerous industries. 

What are the keys to protecting your brand in a crisis? Strategy and practice.

Having plans in place and expectations mapped out allows our clients to rise above emotion and control the message — keeping their brand reputations intact.

Crisis Management Services

  • Crisis management planning
  • Crisis plans
  • Data breach response plans
  • Issues management communication plans
  • Business continuity communication plans
  • Writing of press releases, media statements, talking points, etc.